About Me

About Me

Welcome to  Akola Times .Akola's and other city latest news on current affairs will allow you to read this blog

Hello friends, my name is Sharad Keshavrao shegokar, my first year of education journalism has started and I am 34 years old. I live in Akola district of India. I started blogging in 2019 and I wanted to inform citizens about the latest developments in Akola district through this blog Trying. Please request me to cooperate and follow me.

I have been in the field of journalism for 4 years. I am also working with the Nagpur Channel UCN News along with this blog. I have received a turning point in this area due to UCN News, I am thankful to UCN News (Thank you)

Anti-Corruption Mission

This is the mission of this website that all citizens should get all kinds of information, no one should be deprived of government benefits, and my mission is to help citizens to know their rights and to help corruption

If you want to give some news and advice then give it

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Email - sharad.shegokar358@gmail.com

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